About Me

I also like distorting pictures
When I was 7 years old I made my first pair of pants...my Mother ripped them out and made me do them over again....I was hooked!

I live in South Central Pennsylvania with my sweet hubby. Our wonderful grown son is still in the area too. We live close to Lancaster, Gettysburg , and Hershey. All great day trips!

I learned to sew from my Great Grandmother (she made braided rugs by hand), my Grandmother (she had a treadle machine which Grandpa converted to electric) and then my Mother (who made me those cool "Brady-Bunch-like" clothes). In school the only thing I wanted to take was sewing and art classes. One Home-Ec. teacher let me skip the basic sewing class and enroll in the advanced class. When an assignment told us to make a dress, I made an alligator instead!

When my son was young I had an alteration business ("The Alteration Station"). That was before the internet and cell phones. How did we live? I contracted out a lot of business with Bridal stores in the area. Prom season was NOT fun :)

I LOVE to sew, and enjoy a challenge. I'm one of those people who like to buy the hardest quilt or sewing patterns out there.

Thanks for joining me on this journey . I hope you will be inspired as well as entertained!

more to come