Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to get expired printer ink to work!

I know this isn't necessarily quilt related, but, if you're like us...we use colored ink and it's expensive! I've been buying "new" ink cartridges on Ebay for a while now. They are ALWAYS expired...and CHEAP. I think the last one I paid $9.00 for. So far 2 of them have not worked (usually the ones marked"Puerto Rico").
Today I got it to work thanks to Ebay member: tapeo0. Here's what he said,

 I have been using HP 78 for 15 years, usually 1 a month, if buying expired cartridges, expect the worst, if it does not print try wiping the print head with a damp paper towel, it that does not work, I push in the 3 little plugs where the manufacture fills the ink (on the top of the cartridge), this allows extra air to get in then force a little air thru the hole with a syringe (I used canned air) and blot the excess ink then put the cartridge thru the printers cleaning stage, repeat when necessary this works almost 95% of the time

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