Friday, February 18, 2011

This quilt has a story...

The back is as pretty as the front!
I should hang this one on my front door!
Let me tell you the story of this cute wall hanging...
Every year in the first week of May the "Salvation Army" has a HUGE fabric sale. This past May, they rented out an old fitness club. It was huge. Still had the mirrors on the walls, so it even looked bigger :)

About a hundred people were lined up outside of the building, some even in lawn chairs. As I stood in line I couldn't help but wonder why some of the women had their suit cases (the kind with the wheels on). Well, as soon as those doors were open it was like the year of the "Cabbage Patch doll" craze!! They ran in there, unzipped their suit cases and started stuffing all the fabric, notions, patterns, etc. in those things like crazy women. It was a sight to see!

Me, after getting my bearings and remembering to close my shocked mouth, decided to scan the walls first. And there they were...the oddities table and wall. I made a beeline for the half done Amish quilt hanging on the wall and grabbed was marked only $5 bucks!! Years earlier, at an Amish auction I had paid $75 for one almost exactly like it!! (I'll post pics. of these later)

Well, I looked down and here was this great panel of fabric just screaming my name..."Home for Wayward Fabrics". I think I only paid a dollar for it.

Going to go get my lawn chair and dig out my biggest suitcase with wheels on it now...have a great day :)

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