Thursday, December 9, 2010

What I do in my "spare" (yea, right) time !

"Winter Blues"
This is my "spare" time passion.(which I have very little of at the moment) I love the smell of a wet oil painting!

Sometimes I really regret High School, where I crammed in all the sewing and art courses I could. Sometimes taking them again because they were so fun. I kind've skipped the "important" stuff to follow my passion. It's hard to get a job in our small (but growing) city if you didn't follow "the norm" in H.S.

I have worked at all the sewing factories (UGH) and have painted the side of a Sporting Goods building, and poppies on a shed. I have worked for every (?) Bridal store in the area , but most people wouldn't call those "real jobs".

Oh, well, this is me, and I am having fun . And so excited to open for business in a few off to keep practising on the long arm!!
click here to see the only painting I have for sale


  1. Beautiful job/ I've painted in the past and sold Winter Blues and regret it now!

  2. Thank you. You could do it again...I know you can!