Saturday, November 20, 2010

Remembrance Day in Gettysburg, PA

Click here to see last years' Remembrance Day parade!

This is last year's parade in Gettysburg, PA (about 30 miles from my home)
It is a fascinating parade of the North and South reenactors. Some of the southern soldiers even march without shoes, because some of them really didn't have any by the time they got up here.

Ladies dressed in mourning clothes stand along the parade route and throw flowers at the soldiers feet. One of the bands plays "Hail to the Chief" as they pass by "Abraham Lincoln" who is standing by the cemetery with his color guard.

The end of the parade route ends at the "high water mark" where the soldiers split up and shake hands across the stone wall.

An amazing day...I probably won't get to go this year...have a quilt to finish, and can't get the hubby motivated.

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