Thursday, November 4, 2010

eBay keeps reminding me that it's almost Christmas!

Rudolph "book" quilt getting ready for the machine!
Every time you click on your eBay account now it reminds you how many days are left until Christmas! Ahhhhh! Can't believe it's that soon! I'm not ready!
Well the good thing is that I'm that much closer to officially opening my business! (Jan. 2, 2011)
This is a quilt I'm finishing up. It was a children's soft book, but I cut it up and made it into a quilt.
And , yes, that is my beloved Pfaff 7570 in the picture. I had to go rescue her from the "hospital" (for machines) They wanted $200 DOLLARS to fix her!!! I brought her home and cleaned and oiled her, and reset all the tensions myself. She's doing OK....

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