Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Slides, slides , slides, OH MY !

Slides turn PINK after 30 years!
So, today I spent more than eight hours cleaning the "man cave" getting ready for the arrival of my new longarm machine tomorrow. But, first, I had to move the 1,700 SLIDES of my husband's family to the garage!

WHY did people ever take slides? They take up so much room...ugh! Have you ever tried to get a "slide projector"? I went to Staples and asked. They said that they don't make them anymore! Had to get one on Ebay.

Great, another project...going to take a picture of each slide we want to keep, then transfer it to a computer, then take the "pink" out of it with a photo program, then send them to Target to have them printed!

While I was in the process of doing all this, my husband said, "Hey that one is in backwards, the garage is on the wrong side!" Oh, great, so now I'll have to "flip" some of them!

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