Sunday, June 25, 2017

How to QUIT YOUR DAY JOB and start your own long arm business...part 2

donate quilts to practice
How do I get started to sew other people's quilts!?
  • Start with donating some quilts to worthy charities -they are great practice, and later you can add those to your "resume"
  • you can also donate a few to LOCAL raffles, auctions and sure to include your info. so people can find you!
  • Offer a new customer discount for their first quilt, or, develop a "referral" system "get a free quilting service if they refer 3 friends"

Sunday, June 18, 2017

How to QUIT YOUR DAY JOB and start your own longarm business...part 1

Started out in my husband's "man cave"
How to QUIT YOUR DAY JOB and start your own longarm business...

Part 1- How to pick the right machine
  • Only buy from a reputable dealer and make SURE you really like him or her, because they can be your best "client" (for referrals)..and , they will probably be in your home (business) for HOURS setting it up :)
  • Buy the most up to date machine WITH the computer programing that you can afford. Because the program and software will become obsolete quickly. Just like your cell phones and home computers do.
  • DO buy the computer program for automated quilting! "Hand" quilting with a large machine / frame will get tiring and people will WANT computerized designs.
  • This sounds like a pricey investment, but if you sell 1 quilting service a week for $100 (which is cheap), that's $400 a month (which pays for your payments on the machine)  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Put A Family Letter In Your Quilt !

"Family Letter Quilt"...if anyone knows who made this, please let me know so we can credit them :)
Isn't this a great idea! I have the diaries of my dear Grandmother and this is what I'd like to do with some of her pages:
You would need some computer fabric/ paper to transfer the note and a picture of her to. The "quilt" is basically just a rectangle (the note printed on fabric/ paper) with a quilt border. Then applique or fuse on the photo over it. Fun!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Amish" quilt tops!

"Trip Around the World"...

and "Center Diamond"

Here's two quilt tops I made and sent off to be hand quilted for the upcoming auction. (I hate to hand quilt).
   I have lots of Amish quilting books that I collect. So, I made my own pattern and created these smaller versions of Amish quilts. LOVE their simplicity and earthy colors!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Amish "Buggies" quilt !

Just finished this Amish buggies quilt/ wall hanging. Hoping it will go up for sale at the "PA Relief Sale" in Harrisburg , PA soon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pennsylvania Relief Sale

These are a sampling of some of the quilts that will be in the upcoming quilt auction in Harrisburg (*their maker(s) will be listed in the quilt auction catalog that you can pick up at the sale)

The Pennsylvania Relief Sale is coming up soon in Harrisburg!

Here is a quote from their website:

After 60 years, one aspect continues to be the defining piece to the sale: the annual Quilt Auction. The Quilt Auction celebrates the work of numerous artists and needle workers. 

 Quilters spend hours choosing patterns and fabric, piecing, appliqueing, embroidering, quilting, and finishing. The beauty and artistry of the quilts sold at the sale are unmatched. Hundreds of people attend the two-day live auction to bid on and buy the state’s finest handcrafted quilts.

Monday, May 30, 2016

A NEW use for those old floppy disks!

"Lost Memories"

Here's what you can do with those old floppy disks! You can buy this one here!